Training Services

Training effectiveness is a key output of any type of training course. The impact of training should be a catalyst for change and continual improvement. No matter what the subject may be, a training session should always provide a positive, memorable, and useful experience to the participant. Unfortunately, there are too many ISO-based quality and environmental training courses offered by so-called 'experts' that become a cure for insomnia or an expensive exercise in doodling.

G3 Solutions, Inc

At G3 Solutions, we believe that any type of quality and environmental training should be conducted utilizing a participant-centered approach. Our training courses incorporate real-world scenarios and examples that can be immediately implemented in your organization's key processes. Training that provides real solutions, not theories.

Our quality and environmental training courses use 'hands-on' exercises to reinforce the concepts taught in the classroom. G3 Solutions instructors illustrate and animate the subject material by sharing with the class their wealth of knowledge and on the job experience.

Many of our quality and environmental training courses can be custom-tailored to your organization's needs. We can incorporate your organization's own documentation into the course material. As an example, G3 Solutions Internal Auditor training can facilitate actual internal audits with your selected internal audit team utilizing company policies, procedures, and forms. This approach is more effective than lecture-based courses that use examples of quality control scenarios from fictional companies.

Click here for more information on the specific quality and environmental training subjects we have to offer or contact us to find out how the experienced consultants at G3 Solutions can tailor a training course for your company that will help will increase quality improvement within your ISO business management system.