G3 Solutions, Inc.

Teams are the way we do things. Building effective teams is essential to our success.

Through the use of workshops and small group activities, supervisors will understand their role in the modern organization and will learn to apply the basic skills needed to help the organization and their team to succeed.

The full two-day seminar is appropriate for new teams. Existing teams will find value in Part II, Team Dynamics. Part I is presented on the first day of the seminar, and Part II is presented on the second day.


Part I Team Development

  • Teams and Their Uses
    •  Types of Teams and When to Use Them
    •  Area Improvement Teams
    •  Key Elements of a Successful Team
  • Team Roles
    •  The Team Sponsor
    •  The Team Leader
    •  Team Member Roles
    •  Your Role – What do you bring to the Team?
  • The Stages of Team Development
    •  Forming
    •  Storming
    •  Norming
    •  Performing
    •  Defining the Team’s Purpose and Mission

Part II Team Dynamics

  • Developing the Team Culture
    •  Defining the Ground Rules
    •  Developing Team Goals
    •  Reviewing Team Performance
    •  Making Team Decisions
  • Team Communication
    •  Task Communication
    •  Process Communication
    •  Effective Team Communication
    •  Giving and Receiving Feedback
    •  Barriers to Communication
    •  Overcoming Barriers
  • Addressing Team Challenges
    •  Dysfunctional Team Behavior
    •  Inspiring Behavior Change
    •  Managing Team Conflict
    •  Harnessing Multicultural Teams
    •  Improving Leadership Effectiveness
  • Conducting Effective Team Meetings
  • Team Problem Solving
    •  Problem Solving Steps and Tools