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Statistical Process Control (SPC) is widely used in manufacturing to control and ensure quality products. Statistical methods are reviewed and concepts of probability and variation are introduced. Attribute and variables control charts are constructed and then interpreted for in-control and out-of-control conditions. A heavy emphasis is placed on interpreting control charts.

Attendees will be able to construct and interpret a variety of control chart types and determine when action must be taken for out-of-control conditions.

Course Outline:

  • The Use of Statistics in the Manufacturing Environment
    •  What is Statistical Process Control?
    •  Prevention vs. Detection
  • Basic Concepts
    •  Understanding Variation
    •  Concept of Probability
    •  Confidence Intervals
  • Data Collection
    •  Importance of Data Collection
    •  Sampling Techniques & Sample Size
    •  Importance of Measurement
    •  Guidelines for Collecting Data
  • Control Charts
    • Approaches to Variation
    • The Necessity & Benefits of Control Charts
    • Control Charts vs. Histograms
    • Variables Charts and Attributes Charts
    • Interpreting Control Chart Patterns