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COURSE: SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT (10 days - custom scheduling available)
Green Belts are introduced to some of the Six Sigma tools and are particularly focused on the Measure and Analyze phases of the DMAIC approach. Green Belts learn to quantify and control variation using data to drive process improvements. This course is structured around the use of Minitab, a powerful graphical and statistical software package.

Course Objectives:

Learn how to apply the problem-solving approach to a real problem
Learn how to drive the DMAIC approach successfully through teamwork
Learn how to statistically prove process improvement


  • Introduction to Six Sigma
  • Define and Measurement Tools
    •  Six Sigma Strategy & Metrics
    •  Process Mapping & Capability
    •  Business Metrics & Voice of the Customer (VOC)
    •  Root Cause Analysis
    •  Descriptive Statistics & Basic SPC
    •  Measurement Systems Analysis
    •  Process Capability Analysis
  • Analyze Tools
    •  Value-Added Analysis
    •  Cause and Effect Diagrams
    •  Control Charts
    •  Analyze Data for Root Cause
  • Improve Tools
    •  Motivating
    •  FMEA
  • Control Tools
    •  Introduction to SPC
    •  Developing a Process Control Plan
    •  Measuring and Maintaining Improvement Gains