G3 Solutions, Inc.

This hands-on, information packed course is designed to provide managers with an insight to the methodology used by Green Belts and Black Belts to improve processes. Group exercises are used to demonstrate the data-driven DMAIC approach. This course is essential to the manager who must support the Six Sigma processes, allocate necessary resources, and take ownership of a Six Sigma improvement initiative.

Course Objectives:

Provide an understanding of the Champion’s role in the Six Sigma process
Demonstrate application of Six Sigma’s DMAIC
Educate managers on how to identify and nominate a Six Sigma project


  • What Is Six Sigma?
    •  Six Sigma Overview & Vision
    •  Background of Six Sigma
    •  Examples of Six Sigma successes
  • The DMAIC Process
    •  Understanding the Voice of the Customer
    •  The Six Sigma Measurements
    •  Phases of the Process
    •  Outlining of Tools Used at each Phase
  • Roles of Key Six Sigma Personnel
    •  The Champion
    •  Green Belts
    •  Black Belts
    •  Master Black Belts
  • Six Sigma Implementation Plan:
    •  The Power of Measurement
    •  Linking Projects to Organizational Goals
    •  Project Nomination process
    •  Deployment of Projects with Bottom-Line Benefits
    •  Managing Change
    •  Managing Six Sigma Projects