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The Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) workshop is based on the Reliability and Maintainability Guideline to Machinery and Equipment published by the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Manufacturers of machinery and equipment that utilize the fundamental principals of Reliability, Maintainability and Availability are able to provide their customers with products that can consistently produce high-quality parts at lower costs and higher output levels. Also, other costs that cover operation and support of equipment can be significantly reduced by incorporating R&M concepts in the design and development phase of producing machinery and equipment.


  • Key Concepts and Definitions of Reliability and Maintainability
    •  Reliability
    •  Maintainability
    •  Availability
    •  Durability
    •  Infant Mortality (Premature Failure)
    •  Life Cycle Costs (LCC)
    •  Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
    •  Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • Five Phases of Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Life Cycle
    •  Concept and Proposal
    •  Design and Development
    •  Build and Install
    •  Operation and Support
    •  Conversion/Decommission