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Process mapping is an easily understood visual representation of a process. The process map is used to analyze the flow of events through the process and to identify where improvements can be made. Frequently, a process map is used in a Team Problem Solving setting to assist in analyzing a process and determining where error or defects may occur. Process map symbols also identify the types of activities and events that are a part of the process. This course includes a section on how to use a process map to analyze and improve processes.

Participants will be able to examine a process and construct a process map. They will also be able to use the process map as a tool for process analysis and process improvement.


  • Introduction
    •  What is a Process?
    •  Why Focus on Processes?
    •  What is Process Mapping?
    •  Process Mapping vs. Process Re-Engineering
    •  Process Management
    •  The Concept of Value
  • “How To” Process Map
    •  Process Input/Output Evaluation
    •  Process Hierarchy
    •  Tools used to construct & analyze process maps
  • Process Mapping for Continual Improvement
    •  Plan for Process Improvement
    •  Define the Process
    •  Analyze the Process
    •  Streamline the Process
    •  Measure Process Performance
    •  Identify Opportunities and Implement Solutions
  • Implementing Change
    •  The Change process
    •  Your role as a change agent
    •  Establishing plans for change