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Process capability studies are used to determine the probable defect rate for processes. Process capability is based on statistical concepts that are used, in a formal and structured way, to determine process capability. Once process capability is established, techniques are covered for reducing variation and centering the process.

Participants will have an understanding of process capability and will be able to make adjustments to the process and quantify improvements by re-running the process capability study.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Process Capability
    • Process Capability Concepts
  • Review of Basic Statistics
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Basic Probability Concepts
    • Distributions
    • Statistical Inference
    • Control Charts
  • Process Capability Data, Calculations and Interpretation
    • Relationship of Process Control and Process Capability
    • Specification Limits vs. Control Limits
    • Estimating Process Parameters from Variable Data Charts
    • Process Capability for Normal Distributions including Cp Ratios, Cr Ratios, Cpk Ratios
    • Process Capability for Non-Normal Distributions
  • Improving Process Capability
    • Reduction of Process Variability
    • Centering the Process
    • Potential vs. Performance Capability