G3 Solutions, Inc.

Presenting ideas or information in a convincing and confident manner is a major key to personal success. This interactive workshop gives participants the tools necessary to deliver an effective presentation and provides practice sessions with constructive feedback and analysis to reduce the fear of presenting. Participants will receive feedback that is necessary in order to make dramatic improvements in their presentation skills.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to build credibility and earn respect when conducting business presentations. Participants will become aware of many habits that can interfere with effective communication and will learn how to avoid them. Participants will also learn about their individual presentation styles, abilities, pitfalls, and methods for personal improvement.


  • Confronting Fears
    • Building Self Confidence
    • Knowing the Material
    • Practicing Delivery
  • Preparation: The Key to Success
    • Identifying the Purpose & Audience
    • Deciding on The Style
  • Focusing on the Main Idea
    • Developing the Main Message
    • Getting the Audience Involved
  • Organizing the Message Effectively
    • Developing an Outline
    • Estimating the Length
  • Identifying the 3 Parts of a Presentation
    • Begin with a Bang!
    • Holding Attention Throughout the Body
    • Ending on a Positive Note
  • Enhancing the Message
    • Nonverbal Communication
    • Effective Visual Aids