G3 Solutions, Inc.

The purpose of the Production Part Approval Process is to determine if all customer specification requirements are properly understood and that processes have the potential to produce products meeting these requirements. The workshop covers the PPAP requirements as established by Daimler Chrysler, Ford and General Motors.

Course Outline:

Participants will understand the steps, submission levels (1-5) and documents necessary for completing and submitting the PPAP, including

  • PPAP Linkage to Other Documents
    •  Design and Process FMEAs
    •  Control Plan
    •  Preliminary Process Capability Studies and Product Samples
    •  Preliminary Dimensional, Material, Appearance and Performance Studies
  • PPAP Components
    •  Cover Report
    •  Auxiliary Drawings and Sketches
    •  Customer Identified Characteristics
    •  Appearance Approval Report
    •  Dimensional Result Report
    •  Material Test report
    •  Performance Test Report
  • Other Requirements
    •  Required Sample Sizes
    •  Documentation Retention
    •  Extra Approvals
    •  Retention/Shipment of Samples