G3 Solutions, Inc.

Mistake Proofing is a fundamental part of Continuous Improvement when process “meets” product. Defects, errors and accidents are all results of either a “poor” process or product design. Mistake proofing techniques provide the strategy to improve both project and process performance while taking into account all the traits of human interaction.

The objective of this workshop is to allow participants to experience Mistake Proofing as a fundamental part of their Continuous Improvement efforts. They will learn how to identify where the fault lies in the system without “finger pointing” and “fire-fighting.” They will learn about error detection and prevention as well as the Mistake Proofing techniques and strategies that improve performance.

Content Covered:

  • What Is Poka-Yoke (Error/Mistake Proofing)?
    • Zero Defects
    • Are Errors Unavoidable?
    • Overview of Strategies for Achieving Zero Defects
    • Importance of Team Work & Team Problem Solving
  • Types of Poka-Yoke Systems
    • Eliminating Errors by Design
    • Detecting Errors with 100% Inspection
    • Immediate Feedback of Detection of Errors
  • Poka-Yoke in Action
    • Design of Error and Defect Prevention Methods
    • Action Plans