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This is an interactive course that addresses how failures occur; the effect, causes and severity of the failure; the likelihood that the cause will result in the failure; mechanisms to detect failure; reliability of the detection mechanisms and the risk associated with the failure. Some classroom activities include process mapping, process analysis and creating a PFMEA.

Participants will be involved with team exercises and analyze how processes can fail to produce the desired results. They will be able to document their analysis using the PFMEA format. In addition, students will be able to use the document to improve the process by reducing or eliminating potential failures. They will also learn how to use the document for continuous improvement of processes.


  • FMEA Concepts and Benefits
    •  Critical Success Factors
    •  Value of FMEA in the Design Process
    •  Value of FMEA in the Manufacturing Process
  • Developing a Process FMEA
    •  Product Function
    •  Steps in Conducting a PFMEA
    •  PFMEA checklists
  • PFMEA Process
    •  Ways in Which Failures Can Occur
    •  Effect and Severity of a Failure
    •  Mechanisms to Detect Failure
    •  Reliability and Risk
    •  Detection Mechanisms
    •  Prioritization of Failures for Corrective Action
    •  Action Items