G3 Solutions, Inc.

The high performance organization requires dynamic leaders who can fully develop the potential of the firm’s most valuable asset - employees. This seminar examines the specific skills needed to manage and motivate professional and salaried employees.

Managers, Directors and Staff will explore their roles and how they relate to the skills needed to carry out these roles. These concepts will be explained and reinforced through multiple small group activities. Workshops will focus on the proper use of existing systems and procedures.

Course Content:

  • The Modern Business Environment
    •  The Competitive Environment
    •  The New Employee Demographics
    •  Our Commitment
    •  Our Expectations
  • Management Roles
    •  Coach
    •  Role Model
    •  Teacher
    •  Mentor
    •  Motivator
    •  Leader
  • Managers Work
    •  Leading
    •  Planning, Delegating and Monitoring
    •  Motivating, Evaluating and Reviewing Performance
    •  Setting and Achieving Objectives
    •  Problem Solving
  • Communication Skills for Managers
    •  Active Listening
    •  Developing Listening Skills
  • Supportive Communication
    •  Communication Styles and When to Use Them
    •  Understanding Your Personal Profile
    •  Managing Conflict
    •  Corrective Discipline Process
  • Counseling and Coaching
    •  Counseling and Coaching
    •  Fairness and Consistency – How to Ensure It
    •  Performance Reviews
    •  The Corrective Discipline Process
    •  Substance Abuse
    •  Avoiding Workplace Violence
    •  Handling Excessive Absenteeism
  • Basic Time Management
  • Setting and Achieving Objectives
  • Supporting Creativity and the Innovation Process