G3 Solutions, Inc.

Change is a constant in the modern organization. Leaders of the change process need management skills in order to reduce or eliminate frustration, “culture” shock and defensiveness. Participants in this workshop learn how to properly implement change while minimizing resistance.

Course Objectives:
Participants will learn to:

  • Analyze the reason why people fear change
  • Develop a plan to manage change
  • Identify the steps in communicating the need for change
  • Gain support for the change
  • Reinforce desired change behavior

Course Content:

  • Understanding Change and the Reasons for Change
    •  Directed and Undirected Change
    •  Characteristics of Change
    •  External Drivers of Change
    •  Internal Drivers of Change
    •  The Cycles of Change
  • Planning For Change
    •  Using Teamwork as a Structure for Change
    •  Establishing Roles and Responsibilities
    •  Developing the Change Plan
  • Managing Change
    •  Major Change Inhibitors
    •  Working Through Change
    •  Guiding Principles for Managing Change
    •  Dealing with Setbacks, Slowdowns and Uncertainty
  • Helping Change Occur and Reinforcing New Behaviors
    •  Establishing a Sense of Urgency
    •  Communication
    •  Reinforcing Change – The Reward and Recognition System