G3 Solutions, Inc.

This course is designed to present to managers, directors and professionals an understanding of the concepts of Six Sigma and what it can achieve. During the session, participants will be exposed to the tools used in various phases of Six Sigma and case studies about the companies that achieved significant bottom-line results from the process.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand how the achievement of Six Sigma can help achieve significant improvement
  • Assess organizational readiness for Six Sigma
  • Recognize the difference between Six Sigma and other quality initiatives
  • Identify the cultural changes required to support the process

Course Content:

  • What is Six Sigma?
  • Why Implement Six Sigma?
  • Setting Business Metrics
  • Examples of Successful Implementation
  • Understanding the DMAIC Process
  • The Basic Tools of Six Sigma
  • Measuring and Calculating Sigma Levels
  • The Role of Process Management
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Key Players
  • Selecting Six Sigma Projects
  • Sustaining Six Sigma
  • Implementing Six Sigma
  • Evaluating Organizational Readiness
  • The Role of Project Management
  • Required Documentation
  • Types of Support Required for Successful Implementation
  • Developing the Implementation Plan