G3 Solutions, Inc.

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing is an engineering tool used to accurately describe parts and manufacturing tolerances. GD&T symbols are introduced and then used during the course to describe part forms and datums. Tolerance specification for form, orientation, location and runout are presented.

Your company can furnish engineering drawings to be used in the course. Participants will know how to create part drawings using the GD&T symbols and techniques. People who use the drawings for part manufacture and inspection will understand how to interpret the drawings, resulting in higher quality products.

Course Outline:

  • General Tolerance and Related Principles
    • Definitions
    • Units of Measure
    • Methods for Expressing Tolerances
    • Basic Fits of Mating Parts
    • Symbols Used with Dimensions
  • Key Concepts of GD & T
    • Symbols and Abbreviations
    • Form Control, Datums, and Rules
  • Form Tolerances
    • Flatness, Straightness, Circularity, and Cylindrically
  • Orientation Tolerances
    • Perpendicularly, Angularity, and Parallelism
  • Location Tolerances
    • Position, Concentricity, and Symmetry
  • Runout Tolerances
    • Circular Runout
    • Total Runout