G3 Solutions, Inc.

Much of an employee’s time is typically spent in meetings. This seminar will investigate methods to make your meetings more effective and value-added.

Participants will learn proven techniques for planning, organizing and conducting effective meetings. Participants will also examine how to handle problems that frequently arise in meetings.

Course Content:

  • To Meet or Not to Meet
    •  Determining when a Meeting is Needed
    •  Defining the Purpose of the Meeting and Desired Outcomes
    •  Routine or Special Meetings
    •  Meeting Opportunity Costs – The Real Cost of Meetings
    •  Alternatives to Meetings
  • Planning Your Meeting
    •  Who Needs to be There?
    •  Assigning a Meeting Champion
    •  Group Dynamics
    •  Setting the Length
    •  Where and When
    •  The Meeting Agenda
  • Preparing for the Meeting
    •  Identifying Points to Clarify
    •  Research
    •  Preparing for Opposition
  • Holding the Meeting
    •  Meeting Roles
    •  Meeting Objectives
    •  Setting Ground Rules
    •  Setting the Time Limit
  • Meeting Challenges and How to Handle Them
    •  Latecomers
    •  Common Interruptions and How to Handle Them
    •  Destructive Criticism
    •  Decision-making
  • Closing the Meeting
    •  Summarizing Actions
    •  Evaluating the Meeting
    •  Meeting Minutes