G3 Solutions, Inc.

This workshop will introduce the concepts of the Business Operating System (BOS) by outlining the major steps required to implement an efficient system of measuring performance. The workshop also covers the review process that ensures performance goals are being met.

Each participant will be able to define the process required to establish performance metrics, describe the eight steps required to ensure that the BOS system functions properly and describe the tools required to support the Business Operating System. They will also be able to quickly interpret performance data and determine if goals are being met.

Course highlights include:

  • Key Measures
    • How to develop metrics
    • Linking the overall strategy to tactics
    • Documenting continuous improvement
  • Tools
    •  Trend, Pareto and Paynter Charts
    •  Team Problem Solving
    •  Scheduled review meetings and reaction plans
  • Deployment
    •  The implementation
    •  Horizontal and vertical alignment
    •  Closed-loop communication system
  • Formal BOS Reviews
    • Purpose and function of the BOS Review
    • Frequency of review meetings
    • Meeting minutes and action item lists
  • Visual Management
    • How to create a visual management system
    • Proven methods of visual management