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ISO 14001 implementation – worth the effort!

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Many times we often hear comments about the commonalities between ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Both standards have such requirements as management review, corrective & preventive action, internal audits, document control, and a top level policy statement. While there are many seemingly identical components, it should not be assumed that it is easy to implement an EMS because of these similarities. Many companies make the mistake in assuming that implementing 14001 will be a walk in the park since they have a quality management system.

Just because a company may not have an inventory of hazardous waste, there are still countless ways that an organization can have an impact on its surrounding environment, even if the organization’s site is comprised of nothing more than a few desks and computers.

Identifying all of the potential aspects and impacts of a company can be a very challenging task regardless of the product or service created. It is also the key first step to success in implementing an effective environmental management system.

Once these aspects and impacts are fully identified, a company can then move forward and implement programs that can be used to minimize any negative impacts on the environment. Some companies implement programs to pro-actively create positive impacts. They may even find out that helping the environment can be a profitable venture! Reductions in waste can very often show up quickly as cost savings in such areas as resources and utilities – and that’s a bonus in any type of environment!