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Is AS9100 the right standard for our organization? What about AS9110 and AS9120?

Friday, March 20th, 2009

In order to diversify product lines and reach out to new markets, many manufacturing companies are venturing into the aerospace and defense industries. To make this transition successful, an organization should consider revising their ISO 9001 quality management system to incorporate the requirements of AS9100, AS9110 or AS9120. Some companies have difficulty knowing exactly which standard is right for their product and/or service. There are key differences between the three, and each has a distinct application.

AS9100 – This is for organizations that design, develop, and/or produce aviation, space and defense products or organizations providing post-delivery support.

AS9110 – Any organization whose primary business is providing maintenance, repair and overhaul services for aviation commercial and military products is a candidate for this set of requirements.

AS9120 – Designed for organizations that procure parts, materials, and assemblies and resell products to a customer in the aviation, space and defense industries, including organizations that split these commodities into smaller quantities.

If this is still confusing or you find that your company is in a “grey” area between these choices, contact G3 Solutions today!

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