Customer Satisfaction – your reality vs. customer perception

One of the most important requirements of ISO 9001 is located in clause 8.2 of the standard. It asks an organization to measure the perception of how your company is viewed by customers. This requirement goes far beyond proving that you deliver perfect product or service 100% of the time, even though you may have hard data that supports the statement. What you may not be measuring about perception could turn out to be the reason why your customer may form a relationship with a competitor and possibly move your company out of the picture completely.

Customer satisfaction involves not only quality and delivery, but also those factors that can have a dramatic impact on how much your customer wants to deal with your company. When analyzing customer perception, information should be collected on items such as question or problem resolution turnaround time, response time to RFQs, ease of contacting the right person, etc… These items should not be viewed as just “warm fuzzies” of customer relations, but rather as areas that can cement relationships with customers and become more valuable than just discount pricing.

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